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I know computers can be  frustrating, but I've never had an unsolvable problem, or a failed to find a solution that was the best for my customers. That's my experience talking - and our promise to you. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with us or your money back.

Chris Cooley - Owner
The PC Support Source

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A Technician's Experience - The Best Way to Determine Value in Service

Field Technician Experience Guide  

1 - 2 years:
No real experience

This is a tech in training, and needs supervision to do the most basic services. Finished work often incomplete, unprofessional, or even damaging. Often only training is on retail sales floor. 

Base Pay:  minimum - $10 hr.  
Likely Employer: Best Buy/Circuit City

3 - 5 years:
Some Experience

Just enough to be dangerous" is how we categorized them when I worked at a major reseller. The danger is that while this tech has had some success, and seen some problems, he/she often jumps to conclusions based on limited experiences, and still often needs supervision and backup to complete jobs correctly. Often recommends replacing systems with new due to bias on existing knowledge. Heavy use of "geek lingo" also alienates customers. Finished work often incomplete, or even deceptive. 

Base Pay: $10 - $15 Hr. 
Likely Employer: Best Buy/Circuit City/Comp USA 
5-10 Years:
Maturing Technician

In these years, newer and older technology experience begins to blend, and daily use of advanced concepts becomes clearer. Real confidence in skill set develops. Dealings with customers is more straightforward and intelligible. Finished work generally complete, if frayed in the details. 

Base Pay: $15 - $30 hr.
Likely Employer: Field Service MFG/Contract (I.e. GE, Comcast, Dell)
10 - 20 years:
Professional  Technician

Technology, business acumen, customer skills come together. Tech is able to troubleshoot and solve virtually any problem. Relies on experience, wide base of existing resources, and the ability for find information quickly. Finished work complete down to the details, and guaranteed. Can explain even complex ideas to customers clearly and without lingo.  

Base Pay: $30 - $75  hr.
Likely Employer: Contract Consultancy, Dept. Manager or Independent
20+ yrs. -  Top Professional

With few peers, many of  these people write their own tickets, and many become independents like the PC Support Source. In addition to advanced skills handling software, hardware, network, internet, security and the like, they often offer real insight on behalf of their customers in solving problems and applying technology to best advantage.

Base Pay: $75 - $200 hr.
Likely Employer: Independent Contractor/Self-Employed (We are in this category - see our list of professional qualifications,)

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New & Used Equipment

We Now Offer Deeply Discounted, Factory Refurbished  & Fully Warranted Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Printers and Peripherals From Dell, HP. Microsoft & Others.

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New Products

Have it your way! Build-to-Order Computers..Thousands of Options....Great Prices...Value Added Dealer.
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PCSS Advantage Notebook Systems

We carry tablets, ultrabooks, touchscreens, ruggedized, high performance mobile PCs - all built your way! Plus, we can set it up with your data and programs so it's ready to go.


We feature corporate grade all-Intel desktops in an endless variety of configurations for rock-solid performance and value, built exactly to your specs. Adding complete setup and data migration makes the whole process effortless.


PCSS Advantage Server Systems

We'll help you configure tower or rack mount servers from under $1000 to 24 drive Raid SAS configurations exactly to your businesses' specs. We can then install it on-site, set up users, Migrate data, and business applications, all to help you productively improve the bottom line.

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