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I know computers can be  frustrating, but I've never had an unsolvable problem, or a failed to find a solution that was the best for my customers. That's my experience talking - and our promise to you. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with us or your money back.

Chris Cooley - Owner
The PC Support Source

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Corporate Profile

The PC Support Source, Inc. - An IL “S” Corp. since 1992.

Primary Owner/Operator Chris Cooley — 30+ yrs. PC systems experience.

Current customer base is regular small business clients, home office workers, consumer, and other VARs (Value Added Resellers) and their referrals.


Corporate Highlights and Technical Qualifications

By Year - 2009 to Present

  • Advanced e-business development with Wordpress site creation and Google AdWords advertising platforms; extensive optimization matching keywords to search for better quality scores; development of mixed

  • Extensive work and development with Comcast for Business Outlook (hosted MS Exchange) platform. Work with vanity DNS, Outlook server configuration, and mobile clients. Also work with SharePoint and company wide calendaring based on OWA.

  • Setup and Configuration of Symantec Endpoint manager (network based Norton Anti-virus). Troubleshoot client connection problems.

  • Advanced Cloud and VPN integration with Act! 2017 and Logmein Hamachi; includes newly in depth work with Microsoft SQL server in mixed mobile environment. Configure Network bridges, and analysis of problems with Microsoft Computer Browser (internal to Windows, Not Internet Explorer).

  • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Peachtree (now Sage Quantum) Pervasive Database environment. Acquired advanced database paring, concatenation and corrupt data analysis skills.

  • Advanced network troubleshooting and fixing of Network Integration problems with Windows 7,  Windows XP and wireless mobile operating systems. included troubleshooting of attendant mobile and desktop applications, including Office 2003, 2007, 2010, free edition, UPS World Ship, Sage Quantum, Act! 2013, Norton AV, Cloudmark Spam Filter, Dymo Labelmaker, and Logmein.

  • Extensive development and sales offerings of SSD (solid state drive) storage, including mixed Intel motherboard advanced SSD technology. Performance increase for customers, particularly mobile. is exceptional.

  • Develop Face book marketing campaigns.

  • Business analysis of Cloud platforms for sales force automation; Platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sage (Act!), Salesforce.com and others examined for efficacy based on budget and requirements for existing customer.

  • Analysis of new SAS (software as a service) platforms in real money terms uncovers industry still in development with extreme R&D costs being passed on to new customers.

  • Configuration of hotspot, phone, tablet configuration and use with static routed environments.

  • Find and implement Cyber security apps for smart phones and tablets.

  • Compare android to Apple IOS phone operating systems, and attendant business platform applications. Apple still lags in hardcore business apps, but is easier to use and much more stable than Android. Many customers imagine things can be done easier than before.

By Year - 2009

  • Price cap kept to $80.00 hr., to better serve customer base during serious downturn; New customer discounts extended; Flexible "You learn while I repair" offering helps ameliorate continuing costs for day-to-day tasks

  • Remote login grows to hundreds of customers; reduces charges overall, eliminates travel and minimums.

  • "Drive by", multiple threat, root kit, keystroke logger, etc. viruses and malware resolved satisfactorily due to long experience and continuing education. Contrary to most big box retail (Geeks) conclusions, 99% of threats  do NOT require Windows reloading and/or any loss of data. (average is  2 hours labor).

  • Proactive Anti-virus solutions move beyond Firewall and Anti-virus to advance patch management of ancillary programs (Flash, QuickTime, Java, etc.).

  • New Hardware training for sales revolve around PDA, net book and mobile computing solutions; new offering also include touch screen and all-in-one PCs; outstanding PCSS personal support  and competitive pricing combine for true value.

  • Explore business proposition of non-traditional marketing with Twitter, Face book, and MySpace.

  • Continued hardware services with better pre-failure diagnostics and internal indicators (heat, voltage, etc.). Extensive use of internet search for help in troubleshooting machine specific engineering failures, firmware and driver version updates, dependency failures, etc.

  • Design Web Market campaign for rollout of new product; Advance graphic, motion video, Flash, etc; Work with customer to create internet strategy specific to new  (unknown to marketplace) product.

By Year - 2008

  • Extensive use of Smartphone/USB on the desktop with and without sync via MS Active sync;

  • PC "Tune-up" configuration and performance becomes machine specific, complex troubleshooting exercise; "One size fits all" commercial tools and basic PC knowledge of rudimentary technicians ineffective or harmful; Successful outcomes demand advanced understanding of interactive software conflicts, sophisticated malware removal,  and advanced understanding of driver and Windows level dependency and chains crucial in offerings.

  • Examination and configuration of on-line computing (Cloud) via Google; Salesforce.com; Internet Backup

  • Advise on customer mailing via e-mail lists for marketing campaigns; advise on suitability to task based on customer parameters and knowledge level. Help in initial creation and train for continuing operations; parse data from traditional database(s) for proper formatting on import and export. 

  • Complete Midi music studio setup and advisory functioning with Keyboard input driving Creative Labs Audigy w/Sound fonts; Creation with Cakewalk Sonar & Band-in-a-Box; Editing with Sonic Foundry; Extensive use of EQ, Reverb, and studio Effects, including Antares vocal auto-tune. (Roland Midi digital drums with USB midi junction added 2009).  Sound quality excellent for amateur songwriting, demo, small studio configuration at a fraction of the price in the market.  

By Year - 2007

  •  Troubleshoot and resolve issues with Internals of MS Windows CE, Mobile  6 & 6.5; Configure and/or repair sync, backup; e-mail; "cloud", and media issues; Sync and database configuration for transfer from PDAs to ACT!.

  • Specified and installed ceiling mounted Internet/LAN High resolution digital projection system w/remote for business presentation, group training and seminars.

  • Setup and configuration of wireless access point(s) for LAN/Internet extension for  DHCP and static systems, both DSL and Cable; signal boost  and antenna augmentation for Wireless routers

  • Develop and configure on-line shopping system for 1000+ parts. Advise on graphics management and filing system; Script security and write all related web page templates; Create marketing copy; review with customer; Train personnel for operation, updating, backup, etc.

  • DVD authoring and book creation using ULead DVD Workshop; Also creation and editing in Adobe Premiere, MS Photo story, Windows Movie Maker, Macromedia Fireworks and Flash,  Sonic Foundry and Cakewalk

  • Disaster recovery now primarily relies on advanced and quick retrieval daily backup systems based on external drive(s); Archiving offsite daily rotation; no tape problems

By Year - 2006

  • SEO expansion and metrics tracking w/Google, Yahoo MSN and other on-line advertizing media; extensive use of Google Analytics

  • Business analysis to augment customer marketing campaigns; Keyword development and measurement metrics for best return on investment.

  • Extensive use of remote access tools to save customer money and time; also used with phone call as training tool. 

  • Peachtree Troubleshooting and analysis after major re-write of program

  • Assist customers in medical field with development and/or streamlining of  electronic records on both local network and internet; also attendant security issues relating to Hipaa compliance.

  • Assist with new online service offerings from UPS and FedEx; Integration into accounting and distribution systems

By Year - 2005

  • Expanded Windows XP advanced troubleshooting, including Slipstreamed and Bart-PE in-place solutions for catastrophic windows repair without re-installation.

  • Acquisition and deployment of broad range of new diagnostic tools for PC thermal and airflow management, Internet and network troubleshooting, wireless diagnostics, virus & spyware eradication, and hard drive data recovery.

  • Expansion of bench hardware for diagnostic swapping, and remote phone support. We currently have XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4, Windows ME and Windows 98 machines running for immediate support.

  • Continuing education and removal techniques of new virus and spyware threats, including use of internal process analyzer.

  • Wireless sales force analysis with new Smartphone and Broadband Wireless capabilities. PDA integration into business sales structure with synchronization to executive databases.

  • Building and deployment of advanced Intel dual-core and BTX thermally advantaged PCs as per Intel Product Dealer continuing authorization. 

  • Commercial website creation and development for SEO (search engine optimization) with Google and other search engines. Extensive use of CSS and Dynamic Web Templates in FrontPage.

  • Real-world CPC (cost-per-click) analysis for best return on investment using advanced web based analytics.

By Year - 2004

  • Building and deployment of advanced Intel based thermally advantaged PCs, with PC express, Fire wire, advanced graphics, high speed/wireless networking, and raid capabilities. 

  • Building and deployment of Intel Centrino White box systems for OEM/Integrators

  • Building and Deployment of  home media systems based on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

  • Continuing education - (newly expanded) Microsoft Partner and Intel Product Dealer (IPD) certifications  

  • Windows XP advanced troubleshooting, and security analysis. 

  • Advanced Spyware and virus removal experience and troubleshooting. 

  • Continued revamp of existing web site adding downloading and video server capabilities.

  • Extensive work with search engines in Web development advisory; click rates, and advisory on strategy for web marketing.

  • Advanced graphics and multimedia development, including digital photo, video editing, and DVD Authoring  

By Year - 2003

  • Continuing education - Microsoft OEM System Builder and Intel Product Dealer (IPD) certifications  (since 1995) 

  • Windows XP support platform with dedicated system for support added to PCSS network. Extensive real-world analysis and evaluation of platform in mixed network and internet environment.

  • PDA/Palm/Pocket PC to main systems advisory and development projects

  • Complete revamp of existing web site with emphasis of Web-based tools for customer interaction and improved support capabilities.

  • Development of Internet Security program - Continued alliance with Dave Vogel/ProactiveIt  (Internet Security Specialist)

  • Advanced graphics and multimedia development, including Real Networks streaming video and audio web based services

By Year - 2002

  • Intel Server platform added to Intel IPD certification. Design, assembly, configuration and deployment of Intel server(s) under Windows 2000 and SQL Server in mixed domain NT network.

  • Wireless networking systems deployment and security systems, including NAT routing, access points.

  • Setup of advanced e-mail systems, including HTML e-mail marketing with targeted audiences from company's database..

  • Advanced data recovery procedures developed and implemented.

  • Payroll and pension systems advisory and implementation

By Year - 2001 

  • Windows 2000 Server and desktop deployment in network environment added to PCSS Support network. Full systems deployment w/customers networks including mixed NT 4.0 and 98 environment. 

  • Troubleshooting and resolving application deployment in mixed NT/Windows environments. Test bed setup with Office 97/2000 on 2000 and 98 platform.

  • Additional Front Page Web development projects, including Macromedia Flash

  • Sales tool analysis of ACT! VS. Outlook in mixed and primary application scenario.

  • Extensive support and advisory for municipal systems, including fund accounting, police, emergency, city services.

  • Municipal computer collections security audit; fraud and waste advisory to city govt. officials.

By Year - 2000

  • Internet access and services continue with additional emphasis on virus detection, firewalls and high speed (DSL/Cable) access.

  • Price cap of $65.00 hr. helps retain existing customers and keep focus of affordability for small business clients

  • E-commerce and information marketing solutions become greater focus as more and more small businesses move to web based client services

By Year - 1999

  • Planning and implementation of Y2K fixes for customers includes major upgrades and/or overhauls of many existing systems, including networks, applications and hardware. Extensive diagnostic and analytical skills used to identify and correct potential problems. Long term project planning skills lead all clients to seamless rollover.

  • Work with more sophisticated schemes of remote access and database synchronization with ACT! and other products. Create several targeted applications for clients in ACT!

By Year - 1998

  • Internet access, Web design and E-mail services begin to become major portion of service revenues. ISDN, dialup and internal routing into established networks become standard services for small businesses.

  • General network, desktop and hardware upgrades increase with customer demand for MS 95/98/NT products. Certified in Microsoft OEM System builder program.

  • Work with interactive voice messaging (IVR) systems more extensive Computer-to-telephone (CTI) applications developed and implemented

  • PCSS implements complete internet remote access for support of major customers.

By Year -1997

  • Created Internet World Wide Web site (www.pcsupportsource.com) to assist existing customers, and begin major expansion of PCSS.

  • Formalized VAR Alliance hardware program, and established Local Partner and Specialist Alliance Programs.

  • Worked extensively with accounting/payroll customization and configuration including municipal fund accounting and union payroll in both QuickBooks and Peachtree. Certified as Intuit QuickBooks advisor.

  • Began serious concentration on MS office applications, with emphasis on design and development and sales of Access applications.

  • Combined Custom PC, peripheral, and software sales first top $100,000.

By Year -1996

  • First “VAR Alliance” at major client site a success for customer and allied VARs. The PC Support Source subcontracts with select specialists in their respective fields to cover all aspects of a customer’s computer needs.

  • Began VAR Alliance hardware program in informal services to other VARS.

By Year -1995

  • Became Microsoft DSP and Intel IPD (OEM sales) authorized member for best access to advanced design specs from new standard bearers in PCs.

  • OEM level access to Intel technology allows PCSS to design systems identical to Dell and Gateway, at lower price points, with full customization, and value added local support for customers.

  • Developed in-house custom quoting and purchase system in MS-Access

By Year -1994

  • Introduced hardware sales and established distributor relations.

  • Began building (current) client base with services and sales to small business.

By Year -1993

  • Worked in corporate outsourcing and client consulting.

  • Established basic “one source” concept. Serves all PC needs for customer at cash and carry prices. Employs qualified allied specialists, is local by design.

  • Established internal systems for sales, A/R, and follow-up in QuickBooks and ACT! all running on mixed Windows 3.x/95 internal network.

  • Expanded hardware bench, setup capabilities, purchased sophisticated diagnostic tools and established In-house duplication of customer systems.

  • Established the Internet as primary tool for research and communications.

Prior Qualifications 1983-1993

  • Sales and Support for Small/Midsize/Corporate customers at Valcom Professional Computer Center, and ComputerLand (Chicago and Northbrook)

  • Compaq, Apple, IBM factory sales and support certifications

  • Extensive experience advising customers on technology to business applications in all sectors of business economy.

  • Bench configuration of hardware and software - customer help desk services 

  • Seminar and training, curriculum development

  • Sourcing, marketing and sales development from single PC to corporate RFP.     

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