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If your business isn't using Google AdWords, it's a good bet your competition is. Use  our expertise in that space to drive your profits higher.

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I know computers can be  frustrating, but I've never had an unsolvable problem, or a failed to find a solution that was the best for my customers. That's my experience talking - and our promise to you. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with us or your money back.

Chris Cooley - Owner
The PC Support Source

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Whether It's quick fix, or a long project, The PC Support Source has the experience and expertise to solve your technology problem. 

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  • E-commerce and Web Design - By combining our business driven web design experience with our Google Ad Words expertise, we've driven customer internet profits since Google's inception. Since internet marketing is astonishing in both it's potential for profit, and it's proclivity to pitfalls,  let us advise you on the best path to profits while sidestepping the slippery slopes.

  • Mobile and Cloud Tech - Integrating Existing PCs with Smart phones, tablets and Cloud technologies promise a world of "instant data, anywhere", but it's buyer beware in the wild, wild west of the New Internet. We can help you wade through what's what, and what's not, and how to fix it when it breaks.

  • Security - Threats to your peace of mind, privacy, and stability seem to come from every quarter as technology increases. Ransomware, Viruses, Spyware, Spam, and hacking of all sorts all contribute to what has become a very dangerous and complex environment for your PCs health and your data privacy. We can fix the damage, plug the leaks, and lock down your systems to insure your safety.

  • Computer Repair Service - When hardware or software crashes, getting your systems back up and back to work quickly is our first priority. We have been designing and building our own branded PCs since 1992, so we know hardware. And we have been doing advanced troubleshooting on every version of Microsoft Windows since it's inception in the '80s.

  • Internet. - Accessing information and reaching others in an increasingly interconnected world makes the previously impossible possible. We are pioneers in this, and we have broad expertise in configuration and troubleshooting even today's most complex systems. 

  • Tech Advisory and Consulting - "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  Using our tech advisory services to accomplish your objectives will help you avoid the traps and pitfalls in the ever complex world of computer systems. Often, just a few hours or even a single call can help put you on the right track, and steer you clear of costly problems down the road. For a detailed analysis of where your organization stands visit our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Matrix 

  • Networking - sharing resources will not only save you money, but reduce overhead and streamline your operations. Our expertise here starts at the beginning of the local area network itself, and we've built upon it ever since.  

  • PC support - Having a single source, with 30 years of experience in computer systems is like money in the bank when the need arises. Visit our Support List for our expertise, and then choose how we can help from help options.

  • ACT! Services - We've been using Act! internally and supporting it since it's inception. We can help you unleash the sales and contact management power of this industry leader in s many ways.

  • QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting - long the standards of our business customers, we have vast consulting, support, troubleshooting and customization experience in dozens of lines of business. Plus, unlike those geeks outfits, we're a small  business, too, so we know what's important, and what's not.

  • Computer Service Programs - Our set maintenance, backup, upgrade, and continuing training programs can make your costs predictable while assuring your systems continue running smoothly. Also, check in with our Current Specials for money saving offers.

  • Upgrades - Getting the best return on your existing investment is often not clear. Our expertise will give you an upgrade path to bring you newer and more productive systems smoothly with the best leverage of your existing systems. Also, we will often offer an upgrade in lieu of a computer repair.

  • Total Cost of Ownership - outlines our service approach for small business.

  • TCO Matrix - illustrates real-world examples of how TCO can work for your business.

  • Tech Quality - explains why experience counts to the best value in PC support.

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New & Used Equipment

We Now Offer Deeply Discounted, Factory Refurbished  & Fully Warranted Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Printers and Peripherals From Dell, HP. Microsoft & Others.

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New Products

Have it your way! Build-to-Order Computers..Thousands of Options....Great Prices...Value Added Dealer.
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PCSS Advantage Notebook Systems

We carry tablets, ultrabooks, touchscreens, ruggedized, high performance mobile PCs - all built your way! Plus, we can set it up with your data and programs so it's ready to go.


We feature corporate grade all-Intel desktops in an endless variety of configurations for rock-solid performance and value, built exactly to your specs. Adding complete setup and data migration makes the whole process effortless.


PCSS Advantage Server Systems

We'll help you configure tower or rack mount servers from under $1000 to 24 drive Raid SAS configurations exactly to your businesses' specs. We can then install it on-site, set up users, Migrate data, and business applications, all to help you productively improve the bottom line.

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