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I know computers can be  frustrating, but I've never had an unsolvable problem, or a failed to find a solution that was the best for my customers. That's my experience talking - and our promise to you. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with us or your money back.

Chris Cooley - Owner
The PC Support Source

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Having a Problem With Your PC?

  • Is your computer, hard drive, CD-ROM, monitor, or other device running slow, making noise, or not booting or starting up at all?

  • Does your PC experience errors, beeps, blue screens, crashing or or other failure?

  • Do you have internet, e-mail, installation, printing or other failures?

Why Is it So Difficult to Fix? 

Even the most basic  PCs are complex devices that by their nature require highly technical people to diagnose and fix problems. Then, additional variables arise with the presence of:   

  • Upgrades, third party hardware, and added software issues.

  • Complex, interrelated problems, especially with viruses and spyware.

  • Intermittent or unpredictable errors or failure.

  • Finally: there is no such thing as a "Standard PC"; constant changes in technology, mfg, add-ons, software, etc. make each PC basically unique in in of itself.

Why Can't I Get Straight Answers?

According to surveys, half of all computer problems are misdiagnosed, taking an average of five days to resolve. Have you encountered:

  • Technicians that don't listen, or jump to conclusions? 

  • Blame something or someone else and tell you to call them instead?

  • Follow a script that still doesn't fix the problem, and then offer unrealistic solutions (buy a new PC, re-format,, reload Windows, etc.)?

  • Can't communicate adequately (especially overseas help)?

  • Tell you to try this, and try that, without any real answers?

  • Pronounce it fixed when it's obviously not?

  • Won't honor their warranties?  

What's the Solution? 

Experience. There is no substitution or quick fix. With over 20 years in the PC industry,  we can have developed the methods, resources and instincts, to fix it right the first time. And we do it for the same rates our competitors with a fraction of our experience charge. See our Tech Quality guide for experience levels in the industry and where we fit in.

Our Offerings

  • On Site Same or next day service, including all Chicago and suburban areas. 

  • Sales and service of all products, parts, upgrades, including third party, OEM and Mfg. solutions from one source. At your request, we can often replace expensive MFG repair parts, with the same parts from open sources, saving you money.

  • All PC hardware and software - including diagnostics, configuration, troubleshooting, and repair of all major brands, white box, and custom PC and their components. 

  • Correct diagnosis of hardware vs. software problems.

  • Windows operating systems troubleshooting, configuration, repair, re-loading. Correct diagnostic analysis and real-world assessment on when to fix and when to start over. Service pack and upgrade recovery and fix.

  • Network diagnostics - troubleshooting throughput and access issues due to bad hardware (router, NIC, etc.) and/or software configuration of corruption.

  • Advanced software and database troubleshooting, analysis and repair. We have the expertise and understanding to fix deep problems most techs don't even dream of trying. 

  • Mfg. warranty and non-warranty repairs, including working as your advocate in resolving manufacturer warranty issues.

  • 30 Day warranty on all service work, and manufacturer warranty on all replacement parts (often much longer than original equipment). 

  • On-demand, emergency on-site or Internet backup. and back-up programs. This can assure you won't lose important data if a system is likely to fail near term.

  • Preventative maintenance program (for details, click here)

  • See our Support List  section for more details.

Call (847) 259-0410 for an estimate.

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New & Used Equipment

We Now Offer Deeply Discounted, Factory Refurbished  & Fully Warranted Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Printers and Peripherals From Dell, HP. Microsoft & Others.

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Have it your way! Build-to-Order Computers..Thousands of Options....Great Prices...Value Added Dealer.
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PCSS Advantage Notebook Systems

We carry tablets, ultrabooks, touchscreens, ruggedized, high performance mobile PCs - all built your way! Plus, we can set it up with your data and programs so it's ready to go.


We feature corporate grade all-Intel desktops in an endless variety of configurations for rock-solid performance and value, built exactly to your specs. Adding complete setup and data migration makes the whole process effortless.


PCSS Advantage Server Systems

We'll help you configure tower or rack mount servers from under $1000 to 24 drive Raid SAS configurations exactly to your businesses' specs. We can then install it on-site, set up users, Migrate data, and business applications, all to help you productively improve the bottom line.

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